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House of M. Šeinbergas, Ch. Rivka and Š. Finas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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mickeviciaus 31 ikonele

The apartment block on A. Mickevicius 31 was built in 1939. On the original projects, it is stated that the building was designed for M. Seinbergas, Ch. Rivka and S. Finas by architect L. Zimanas. In this four-story structure, brick was used as the building material. When the physical appearance of the building is analysed, it might be possible to state that it has some similar characteristics to its southern neighbour, which was also built in 1939. Both buildings can be regarded as valuable examples of the Kaunas dialect of modernism, which has the tendency to use various natural and geometrical ornaments on its facades.

The front facade of the building has six curved balconies with horizontal bandings on the plaster of its parapets. Furthermore, vertical bandings can be detected on both sides of the windows as well. Under the windows of the front facade, geometrical ornaments are located, which are positioned in rectangular frames. The building has a particular emphasis on the corner, which is achieved by raising the level of the cornice at the eave from other parts of the building. The pitched roof of the building is hidden behind a small parapet, which gives the building the effect of having a flat roof. The rear facade, on the other hand, is much closer to international functionalist standards with its austere lines.

Today, the building is still used as a residential apartment with shops on its ground floor.

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