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House of M. Giršovičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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gyvenamas namas vytauto pr 69

The development of architecture in the 20th century Kaunas is evidenced not only by buildings with an exclusive, original appearance. No less important examples of a city's architecture are simpler, more typical, than exceptional buildings. One of these is this three-story building that stands on Vytauto Avenue. It was designed in 1938 and built a year later. The designer of the building is engineer-architect Levas Rabinavicius, who completed his architectural studies in Germany. The architecture of the building is rational and simple, the facade is laconic. The first floor of the building was for commercial spaces, so there are large and wide windows. There were two apartments on the upper floors. The exterior of the upper floors consists of simple-looking vertical windows, typical of some of the buildings of the period in Kaunas, and the smooth planes of the walls. The asymmetric composition of the building is emphasized by two balconies with rounded corners. Therefore, this building is a more typical object of the 1930s residential architecture in Kaunas.

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