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House of Ksenija Langienė

Kaunas, Lithuania
Kestucio g.31-FOMA-small-2.jpeg
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Žilvinas Rikšelis, 2020.

The owner of the building on Kestucio 31 is Ksenija Langiene. She was the widow of Arturas Lange, who was the director of Kaunas Electricity Station in Kaunas. The construction of the house started in 1933 and was completed in 1934. The architect of the apartment block is Arnas Funkas. There are two spacious apartments on every floor with extra storage spaces on each side of the central staircase. The apartments are formed around a central hall which connects the lounge area with a living and dining room to the private areas such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and servant's room. The apartment on the western side of the third floor is designed differently from the other apartments for the owner Mrs Langiene to inhabit with her family. One of the most characteristic elements of the building for the citizens is the sphere at the entrance. Initially, the whole entrance portal used to be even more ornate; however, as the pavement increased over the years, some details diminished.

Today, it is still used as its original function.

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