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House of Krukauskienė

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

Unfortunately, there is not much information regarding the building on Kestucio 7. It is known that the owner of the building was Mrs Krukauskiene, and the structure was built around 1926. However, the architect is unknown.

The building has moderate front and back facades, which are symmetrical. The entrance is at the central axis and part of the plinth. The moulding, which is between the semi-basement/ground floor, also surrounds the main entrance door. On top of the ground floor, there are three storeys. The building also has an entrance from the back facade, which is more attractive than the front facade. At the back facade, on top of the door, there are windows to provide natural light to the staircase. Furthermore, there are two small balconies on the second floor and two larger balconies on the third floor. All of the balconies have horizontal railings, which gives the building its modernist look.

Today, the building is used as a residential apartment, and its first floor facing the street is used as a shop.

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