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House of Jurgis Puodžiukynas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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This three-story residential building built in a prestigious location in the very center of the city stands out from the surrounding buildings due to its appearance, which is laconic and modern. It is known that according to the original project prepared by civil engineer Jonas Salenekas in 1930, the building was to have two floors. But in 1931, it was decided to build a three-story building. Therefore, the original design of the building was slightly changed. This change was made by engineer Stasys Ciurlionis. The construction of the building was completed around 1932.

The plan of the building is rectangular and symmetrical. The main facade is plastered. It is divided by the rhythm of wide rectangular windows with narrow sills. The central part is emphasized by the monumental-shaped main entrance portal, which, like the plinth, is plastered in a darker color than the rest of the building volume. The symmetrical composition is somewhat unbalanced by the open passage to the inner courtyard in one of the corners. The rear facade of the building is not plastered, its exterior is similar to the main facade. There are several apartments inside the building. In 1933-1940, the consulate of the Kingdom of Norway operated in one of them.

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