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House of Jonas Varneckis

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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

In 1929 Jonas Varneckis, a construction technician purchased 42 acres of land. The construction of the villa began in 1931 and was completed in 1933. The villa is a 6-room apartment with entrances from the street and from the yard, heated by stoves.

Jonas Varneckis designed the villa in an attempt of combining Art Nouveau with national motifs. The building has a dynamic composition, it has many original elements - wooden walls covered with small profiling boards and the mansard roof has a complex shape which also was covered with tin. The front facade has a tower with a viewing balcony and is covered with a pyramidal roof. Tower window frames have decorative elements and coloured glass. The balcony consoles are profiled, and national motifs are incorporated into the balcony fences - Pillars of Gediminas. The larger living rooms on the first floor face the street. The second floor is reached by a wooden staircase, in the attic, there is a spiral staircase to the turret, from which the panorama of Kaunas can be seen.

The architecture of the house reflects the creative personality of the builder, and the direction of national style searches characteristic of the interwar period. The house was nationalized during the Soviet era and a kindergarten operated in it. Some additions were implemented to the architecture - a five-sided porch on the front side of the building. The villa has returned to its builders' family and is planned to preserve the structure.

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