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House of General J. Kraucevicius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

This is another modern-looking residential building in Kaunas designed by engineer-architect Grigorijus Gumeniukas. The building has three floors and an asymmetric, monumental volume. The part of the building visible from the street is dominated by an abundance of various geometric shapes. The walls of the exterior are divided by wide horizontal window openings, some of which are angular, and narrow relief strips below them. The central part is emphasized by the vertical Avant-corps, which houses the main entrance. As is typical for buildings of that period, the main entrance is accentuated by a bold, dark-colored portal and an expressive-looking exterior of the staircase. This part consists of three elongated bands of vertical windows and pilasters between them. Elegance is given to the strict-looking facade by two balconies with slightly curved corners that complements the composition of the building. As is common for buildings of the period, the upper part ends with a wide cornice strip, masking the pitched roof. The rear facade of the building, compared to the main one, has a much simpler and less ornate appearance.

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