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House of Doctors P. Kalvaitytė and V. Lašas

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

The building on Laisves 5 was constructed in 1933. Paulina Kalvaityte-Karveliene, the co-owner of this apartment building, was one of the first Lithuanian radiologists who was also the head of the X-ray department of Kaunas City Hospital. She, together with her colleague Alena Jaceviciene, opened a private X-ray clinic in this building, with one of the first X-ray machines in Lithuania. Another owner of the house was Professor Vladas Lasas; however, he did not live here himself.

The large apartment block, which belonged to famous doctors, was designed by Stasys Kudokas, one of the most famous architects of the provisional capital. He also designed the Kaunas Garrison Officers' Quarters, the Aleksotas funicular, the Daina cinema, and many other buildings. The building has five storeys which include a ground floor, three regular floors and a loft.

Except for the ground floor, the front facade of the building is symmetrical. It contains five axes. The central axis and the two axes at the edges are gradually in front of the other two axes. There is a garage door at the first axis from the west. The main entrance to the building is at the central axis and emphasises it with vertical elements, which are two storeys high. The small window on top of the door is separated by a transom. There are metal ornaments on this window, which contain three circles and three horizontal bars. On top of the window, the construction date of the structure is written in roman numerals. There are four balconies on the second and third floors, two each with curved corners. Along the facade, there are horizontal bandings made of plaster between the windows and on top of the balcony parapets. The loft is gradually behind the main facade and is only located on the central axis. The back facade follows the same axes and graduality.

Today, the building is used for residential purposes.

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