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House of Doctor Pranas Gudavičius

Kaunas, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2017 m.

This building was built in 1929 by a famous doctor and political activist Pranas Gudavičius-Gudas. The building served as a hospital, managed by Doctor Gudavičius for many years. He lived there himself as well. A famous architect of Kaunas Edmundas Frykas designed the house. The corner position of the house determined that both facades of the building are equally representative and decorative, while its garret was furnished with an expressive turret decorated with art deco elements - combined windows of various shapes, ornate balconies, artistic sculpture faces and geometric ornaments. In the 1930s, the house was used for the State Tax Inspectorate of Kaunas County.

After the war, when P. Gudavičius moved to the United States, the house was nationalized and the apartments were distributed. In 2017, two businessmen decided to invest in the interwar heritage and purchased an apartment on the third floor. The apartment was bought because Kaunas architecture helped them to fulfil their dream and travel not only in time, but also to the greatest metropolises of the world: New York, Paris and Berlin. It soon became evident that the authentic oak parquet, tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom and window handles are not the only witnesses of the luxury that reigned in the apartment: during the restoration of the apartment, unique wall ornaments, characteristic of art deco and art nouveau styles, were uncovered.

With the help of restorers and researchers of architecture, the authenticity of the apartment was recreated as much as possible, including their colours and many fine details of the interior. An apartment that was restored as a private initiative and using private funds became a memorable adventure not only for its new owners but also for the entire house community as well: at the end of 2017, the house community, city municipality and house administrator joined forces to renovate the facade of this cultural heritage as well - which is now serves as a significant success story of heritage preservation and a souvenir of the time it flourished.

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