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House of Doctor Povilas Stančiaus

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The house was owned by the dental and oral surgeon, Associate Professor Povilas Stančius. After graduating from the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy in 1914, he served in the Russian army. When Lithuania declared independence, he returned to Lithuania and joined the Lithuanian army, working at the Military Hospital in Kaunas. He retired in 1924 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. From 1922 he taught at the University of Lithuania (later Vytautas Magnus University). From 1925 to 1944, he was the head of the Department of Dentistry and Dentistry and the head of the clinic. He was the first doctor in Lithuania to practise oral surgery. He published scientific papers on periodontal disease and oral anaesthesia in " Medicina " journal.

The house of doctor Povilas and his wife Genovaitė Stančiai, was designed by the famous interwar architect Arnas Funkas. The two-storey house seems to recede from the street with each level. The slope of the street and the hillside is compensated by a high granite-plastered plinth. The street is overlooked by two large ground-floor windows and the volume of the tambour, which protrudes like a nose. Unfortunately, the equally expressive appearance of the second floor has changed the most over time. The glazed second-floor balcony, the large terrace that runs the length of the house, and the expressive subtleties gave the house its unique character. The narrow window cavities of the tambour were echoed not only on the second floor but also on the balcony railings, and the occupants were sheltered from direct sunlight or rainfall by cosy, pillar-based shelters. An almost identical motif of a balcony with a shelter in the corner of the building was also implemented in another house designed by Arnas Funks and built at the same time in the neighbourhood, the house of the doctor of internal medicine A. Milvydas, located at 11 Totorių Street.

As the second Soviet occupation approached, the doctor and his family moved to Germany. He worked at the Dental Clinic of the University of Freiburg and later headed the Dental Department of the Faculty of Medicine of the Baltic University. In 1950, he moved to the United States and became a resident physician.

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