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House of Diplomat K. Škirpa

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Z. Rinkselio nuotrauka, 2019 m.

The house, which was built on plot 4 at Vaidilutes, was built in two phases. The first phase occurred in 1931, and the architect was V. Landsbergis. He designed the house for the brother of the signatory Petras Klimas, Sergijs Klimas. In 1939, the diplomat Kazys Skirpa became the manager of the house, and on his initiative, the second block of the house and the garage were built. The building has a semi-basement and three regular floors on top. Furthermore, it has an attic. While the upper floors were used for residential purposes, when the building was first constructed, the semi-basement was used by the janitor, who was also taking care of the whole apartment block. Today, the whole building is used as a residential apartment block.

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