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House of Brunonas Štencelis

Kaunas, Lithuania
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brunono stencelio namas

This residential building was commissioned by Brunonas Stencelis, a high-ranking officer. It was designed in 1939 by engineer-architect Izaokas Trakmanas, who graduated from Prague Polytechnic School in 1933. The construction of this building, supervised by engineer Gersonas Rozentalis, was completed in 1940. It is a two-story masonry building with a basement. Its exterior is modern, characterized by an abundance of simple geometric shapes. An important highlight of the main facade is the two-story Avant-corps with curved and angular sides, which emphasizes asymmetry. It has a minimalist appearance - smooth wall planes with small rectangular window openings and one large corner window. The part of the main entrance has an interesting appearance. It is emphasized by small rectangular window openings, a simple-looking column, a curved edge of the Avant-corps and an arched doorway. Therefore, although the general appearance of the building is modernist, it also contains a few elements of the classical architecture that complement the exterior. On the other side of the main facade, there are two large windows, emphasized by horizontal lines at the bottom, and a small terrace. The side facades of the building have a simpler appearance. Its walls are divided on one side by vertical windows and on the other by horizontal windows, which are highlighted by horizontal lines at the bottom.

According to the original project, two apartments were designed in this building, which contained a total of 21 rooms. The modernity of the building was enhanced by the fact that it was equipped with water supply, heating and sewage systems.

The building remains in good condition, but its exterior has undergone several changes that slightly damaged the original appearance.

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