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House Of Book Lovers

Budapest, Hungary
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The House Of Book Lovers is located near the houses on Cserje street also designed by Farkas Molnar. This house was designed by Molnar in cooperation with Ferenc Popper in 1931-1932 for Dr. Erno Gyorgy.

The large villa sits near to the street-front fencing, and its closed entrance is only articulated by the glass of the staircase and the motif of the entrance door which is located under a narrow projecting roof. To ensure direct contact between the inhabitants and the nature , the villa opens out into the garden with large glass surfaces. Furthermore, for a nice view, the architect formed the library and the study on the level of the roof terrace. This way, the study separated from the more personal and intimate spaces. The spacious ground floor living room overlooks the side garden with floor to ceiling glass windows. One of the most typical details in Molnar's design is the brick-form articulation of flower windows, which can be seen in his later villa designs. The flower window was supplied with an automatic heating system, so the calming psychological effect of the plants could also be enjoyed in wintertime.

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mariathuroczy, December 11th, 2013
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