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House of Berta and Jankelis Vinokurai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Žilvinas Rinkšelis, 2021.

The construction of the building, which is located on the plot of Kestucio 15, began in 1932. Interestingly, the building permit was granted on the condition that 'the windows of the bay window facing the passageway should be bricked up as soon as the neighbour builds a house, a condition that was requested as early as October 1932. Although the distance from the neighbouring house is only 1.80 m, the bay window was nevertheless allowed to remain with the windows by a decision of 19 January 1933. The owners were Berta and Jankelis Vinokuras, and the architect was Leizonas.

The building has a semi-basement/ ground floor and three regular floors. The corner of the building makes an edge on the ground floor, while it is curved on the upper floors. The modernised historicist expression of typical architecture of the early 1930s can characterise the composition of the building. The plasters, framing the central axis of the facade, finish with a surface divided by vertical elements. This part of the facade was initially intended to be accentuated by a small metal mast; however, it was not applied. The rounded balconies on the east axis are connected to the two-storey bay window on the eastern facade and, in a way, form the corner of Kestucio Street and the unnamed cross street. On top of the windows of the third floor, at the eastern and western axis, there are small ornaments. The main entrance of the building is on the central axis.

Along with the building, a wooden warehouse and a small shop were built on the plot. However, the warehouse was supposed to be demolished as early as 1934 because of the firewall and the failure to maintain the required distance from the dwelling house.

Today, the building is still used as a residential apartment with shops on its ground floor.

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