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House of Bakai Family

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Namu kiemo fasadai 6 des. KTU ASI archyvo nuotr.

The three-storey house was built in 1933 according to a design by the architect Jokubas Peras. The owners were Gedalia and Roza Bakas. The building illustrates the moderate residential architecture of the 1930s when the distinctive character of the buildings was given by its functional elements and their interconnections. In the design of the Bakai house, this trend is manifested in the decorative tiles around the perimeter of the plinth and in the massive window surrounds, which were also designed to be tiled. The continuous windowsill of the facade creates a horizontal emphasis on the building. The moulding between the ground floor and the first floor also strengthens this. The tiles are also used around the entrance, which is on the central axis. The door is gradually behind the main surface and has its own portico. On top of the door, there is a two-storey high window with two transoms. At the east axis of the building, there is a passageway to the backyard with a metal door with modernist lines. At the back facade, there are six balconies with rounded edges.

Today, the building is still used for residential purposes.

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