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House of A. and A. Olapšai

Kaunas, Lithuania
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Lawyer Albertas Oslapas and his wife Antanina first settled at the end of what is now Totoriu Street. Then, in 1931-1932, they built a large, four-storey apartment block according to a design by the architect Stasys Kudokas, where they lived with their sons Algimantas and Raimundas (the twins, who had graduated from gymnasium together with the future President Valdas Adamkus), with a large vegetable garden next to the house.

However, in 1938, they built another house, but this time in the centre of the city, in A. Mickevicius Street, next to the university. It is still difficult to say whether the family owned two houses or whether they traded the charming Zaliakalnis hillside for the bustling city centre. Only this time, the family house was not designed by S. Kudokas but by the author of the Church of the Resurrection, K. Reisonas. Finally, in 1944, the family fled to the West.

The building has a basement, a ground floor, two regular floors and an attic, which was added later. The plan scheme gives the impression that the lawyer used to have his office in this building as well since there is a waiting room and a consulting room on one of the regular floors as well. In the back garden, there are two garages which are at the basement level. At the front facade of the building, the main entrance is at the central axis. This axis also has a porthole window and a balcony on top of the entrance door. Between the first floor and second floor windows, there are geometrical ornaments. While there are rectangular ornaments at the south and north axis, at the middle axis, there are circular elements. There is a passageway to the backyard from the south axis of the building, with three small windows on top.

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