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Sarah Kubitschek Hospital

Brazilia, Brazil
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Main Hospital of the Sarah Network of Rehabilitation Hospitals. In 1980, the first hospital of the Sarah Kubitschek Network was inaugurated in Brasilia, a set of public hospitals, now present in six Brazilian cities, and specialized in the rehabilitation of people with physical and motor problems. Conceptually, the integration between architecture and medicine is especially potentiated in these works, making them extremely important experiences in creating alternative spaces for therapy and healing of patients.

The idea of ​​realizing a more human architecture, filled with light and natural ventilation, in addition to being rationalized and economically viable, has made Rede Sarah a symbol of good architecture (and good administration) in Brazil. The Technology Center now supplies parts not only to network hospitals, but also to other works such as Schools, Courts of Accounts and Electoral Courts throughout the country, proving its success. The strength of Lelé's proposals, capable of breaking the discontinuity of public policies, and penetrating much of territory, shows that architecture can have its part in a better world.

SMHS Block 301