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House in Iporanga

Guaruja, Sau Paulo, Brazil
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The House in Iporanga was designed by Nitsche Arquitetos and completed in 2006. Iporanga is located on the coast, approximately 120km east from central Sao Paulo. House in Iporanga was designed as a family summer vacation home and is nestled in a preserved section of Atlantic rainforest.


Due to the protected nature of the area, the owner wanted a house that would occupy as minimal amount of land as possible. At the same time it needed to be big enough to accommodate five bedroom suites for their family.

The design is split across three levels, the ground floor houses all the services, then the elevated first floor, constructed from a concrete slab, operates as a communal space for living, dining and kitchen. Above that is a wooden, suspended volume for the bedroom suites.

The wood frame volume is the "private" section of the house, therefore the street-facing side is enclosed by opaque boards while glass panels along, with a full length curtain faces out to the forest side. Aluminum sliding doors open the rooms on to a common veranda.

This upper wooden volume creates a shadow on the level below, that shade is utilised as a social area. This "middle" floor is almost an open space, protected on all sides by transparent temperate glass sliding panels so the forest can be seen at all times. The intention was to minimize the difference between inner and outside space, making it work all as one integrated area.

The structure of the house was inspired by the design of small brook bridge, which are common in the region. Rising from the damp soil, concrete columns offer support for the wooden frame.

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aleeshacallahan, August 28th, 2013
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