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Najmias Office for Architecture

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Najmias Office for Architecture is a small award wining architectural office, established in Buenos Aires. The office has the capacity for concretion of architecture and urban design in the most diverse range of scales and programmes from urban interventions to interior designs.The work experience the office has, with both public and private clients, has provided the team with the required flexibility in order to accomplish the client's desires and needs with an exhaustive cost control. Building without technical conflicts a new, alternative and vigorous idea has been always the aim of the office and its collaborators.A rigorous study of the programme, and where appropriate a reinterpretation of it, aloud the office to propose solutions that are not only adequate as architecture but also as business. The development of the project in all its stages, including the feasibility analysis, preliminary drawings, management and work control is done by the office and its highly trained advisors.The office has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and its work have been published around the world.Najmias Office for Architecture has been sponsored by the Secretary of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires and by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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gemazzz, July 31st, 2015
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