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The property located in an area with a steep slope is for a family that would go on weekends and spend the holidays at the beach.

Located in a neighbourhood where the surrounding construction aims to gain height to get the best views and as a result horizon is hidden for passers, the BLNDR project proposes a house in 4 levels alternating built volumes and open levels for recreation. So it is through an open intermediate level allowing skyline views that the entrance to the house is proposed, being the most social level of the house ideal for making parties, events or receiving friends without them entering the house.

The project aims to delve into the possibilities between the public and the private, between intimacy and externality. Above all, public and private, not in the old day terms but addressing the public, street, views, etc. and its relation to privacy, to take over the horizon, the sea and marking a difference not only in terms of purchasing power but also to mark this portion of horizon as mine.

From the consideration on these issues is that the decision-making arises and organizes the house making every effort to socialize views and not monopolize the enjoyment of the sea and the distant horizon.

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noa, July 31st, 2015
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