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Helsinki Malmi Airport

Helsinki, Finland
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Finland's Helsinki-Malmi Airport was built in 1936 as the capital's first international airport. Upon completion in 1938, the ultra-modern aerodrome was the second in Europe to have fully paved runways. After playing a key role in the air defense of Helsinki during World War II, the airport found a new role as a general aviation aerodrome. This enabled it to remain virtually unchanged as an authentic 1930s international airport amid acclaimed functionalist architecture. Today it remains the second-busiest airport in Finland while still evoking the pioneering era of commercial aviation. Home to several commercial pilot schools and aviation clubs, the airport is a popular destination for hobbyists, and is used as a venue for public events such as concerts and motor sports. Although the entire complex is now a landmark, local authorities and business interests continue to express interest in demolishing portions of the site to make way for new housing.

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bostjan, June 23rd, 2017
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