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Haus Leopold

Wienerwald, Austria
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Even more visionary, higher, more groovy, fantastic, that's the look of projects which currently make it to the architecture platforms on the internet. Another quick look on the next WOW picture on the mobile and down the next trend. Sue confess, they are amazed time and again and have respect for this skill to generate cool images.

At the same time, the office is completely unsuitable to serve this market. They are interested in the stories that take place in homes. They like to think about life concepts of users, how they can think about space and how many future changes to these requirements can be made possible. This ground often leads to restrained concepts - after all, our spaces are the stage for life and should not take themselves too serious.

A major challenge for Sue are the many single-family homes of their parents and grandparents generation. It's a pleasure to develop a contemporary use with the next generation. Instead of adding something to a building it often helps to expose the core of the original structure first. And then to think and see if more is even needed at all. One of the most beautiful little stories that they were allowed to look after in the last few years, was a small summer house not far from Vienna. With the proud grandson of the original owner they walked through the rooms, heard the stories of the past decades and marveled at the juicy apple trees that stood behind the house. Instead of accepting the job of a conservatory, they proposed a large hole at that closed side of house behind which the juicy apples grew many years. The planning was done quickly, the persuasion took its time. But now the proud father spends most of the year outdoors on the terrace under the shade donors. And in the freezing time he looks proud at the fruit trees of his grandmother and is looking forward to the next summer.

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bostjan, July 15th, 2014
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