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Interieur Design Office Building

Vienna, Austria

The ca. 10.000 m2 large concern offers office space for more than 500 people and public areas such as restaurants, gardens and fitness rooms. The lobby on the ground floor has been transformed into a sweeping shape and connects the two office towers which are linked to the lobby. The company's corporate identity is integrated into the interior design elements. The brand's messages of humanity, action, and joy are implemented in a natural way, using ecological materials.The self-service restaurant with cafe is designed in a rustic design. In the lobby and office areas are played with the contrast between light and dark. The floors and ceilings of the office areas have a color gradient from dark to light. Dark wooden walls support the color combination of the rooms.Massive steel staircases lead from the lobby into the two office towers, which are respectively eight and five storeys high. The staircase and elevator connect the different levels of the tower like a trunk. The core is covered with textured wooden surfaces and represents the focus of the project.The massive steel staircase as well as the play between light and dark, reveal a kind of "roughness" and establish a connection between the lobby and office space. The core of the building is formed by the office space, meeting rooms, small kitchens and "think tank" areas for the employees to collect creative thoughts. The continuous glass facade of the building gives the office a bright and cheerful working atmosphere and creates a contrast with the inner core. Semitransparent, multifunctional separation elements made out of steel grids between the workspaces as well as the deliberately implemented furniture, support the design of the rooms with their choice of materials. The "Think Tank" areas deliberately set strong color accents, which serve as central points of reference between the individual levels.

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sohnepartner, March 5th, 2018
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