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Santos Funfhaus

Wien, Austria
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The perfect incarnation of Mexican restaurant & bar culture in Vienna, Santos, has successfully redesigned the place in the famous Lugner City shopping mall. Classic Mexican drawings, done by Carlos Perez, emphasize the specific flair of the interior design additionally.

Everything's illuminated

The focus of the design is clearly set on the heavily accented bar element. It consists of a striking backlit and reflective staircase for bottles, on which the various flagons form a colorful and diverse eye catcher.

The wooden panels on the opposite wall are backlit as well and therefore play - regardless of day and night - with light, shadows, and space. More lighting is provided by the carton lamps above the tables and seating which consist of 100% recyclable material.

The dark mesh is set on the ceiling, emphasizing the robust character of the premises on the one hand and also offers the ideal visual cover for the technical installations behind.

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sohnepartner, November 22nd, 2017
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