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Que(e)rbau Town Housing

Vienna, Austria
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The QB community housing project in Wildgarten am Rosenhugel starts with a new concept of communal planning. Architecture and Garden planning is generated as an inclusive and bottom-up development process by the future residents who'd like to live or is interested in Vienna's First Queer Town House by QB in lakeside Vienna. The only entrance requirement is being open to people with a queer lifestyle. The apartment house is being built to meet the requirements of queer people and plans to include and support old and young, singles and partners as well as all types of families - rainbow, patchwork, foster families.

This queer co-housing project aspires to urban quality and also to fulfilling the specific requirements of all lifestyles; this means that apartments can be planned and adapted to suit all individual lifestyles. Everyone living in the Town House is encouraged to contribute to shared activities, to fill the house and its surroundings with life: seminar rooms, recreation rooms, wellness, roof-garden, cafe.

The Que[e]rbau-Town House won't be isolated but will play an active and visible role in the innovative and progressive quarter of "seestadt aspern", hopefully in close co-operation with other co-housing groups and other local inhabitants. The community intends to provide rooms for queer asylum. In choosing the WBV-GPA project-developer model (subsidised rented apartments with purchase option), the Que[e]rbau-group combines the advantages of financial security and low living costs with joint decision-making. Everyone will be able to join in planning their respective apartment as well as the communal areas in and around the new Town House. The group's own planner and the project developer will both be on hand with the necessary professional support.

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bostjan, January 19th, 2018
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