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Family House on Koste Vojinovica Street

Belgrade, Serbia
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Family house in Koste Vojinovica StreetBelgrade, Serbia

Designed: 2010, Realized: 2011.Investor / client: Milan KovacAuthors: Branislav Mitrovic architect, Jelena Kuzmanovic architectLeading designer: Sinisa Tatalovic architectDesigner: Andjelka Cirovic architect,Jelena Ugresic architectAssociates: Zivorad Doric arch.techn.

On a very small lot (332 m2), between two existing buildings of a devastating architecture, but very present (aggressive) in the space, a new architectural form should have been defined, a non-architecture that would not bring a new spatial conflict. The choices that refer to the architectonic, texture and form of the new building had to be a contribution to dematerialization of the artifact.
The lack of greenery on the lot (completely covered by building) has been compensated with the fifth facade that simultaneously protects users from being overexposed, but on the other hand a new level of quality of view has been accomplished.

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bobson, May 12th, 2014
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