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Smetanina Residential and Commercial Building

Belgrade, Serbia
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The building is located in the elite and very quiet part of Belgrade (Dedinje), known as the most beautiful and greenest part of town with both recently built and pre-war villas.

The building is free standing, surrounded by a garden. It consists of three lamellas. In the central lamella there is an entrance hall with a reception and all vertical communications. On the ground floor of this lamella there is an architecture studio occupying 134m2 and a small apartment of 46m2. There ara two identical apartments on the first and second floor occupying 265m2 each.

The other two lamellas are connected with the central one and they are identical, each having six apartments of 150m2.

In total - there are 14 flats, one small apartment and one office.

All apartments and the office space on the ground floor have access to a large paved garden framed by a jardiniere.

The car parking area is in the basement, as well as storage area and a fitness room. There is a direct access to a large, shared, garden.

The building is designed so as to connect the interior with outer space and this is why all openings on the apartments stretch from floor to ceiling. In most living rooms there are sliding windows that are 5.7m wide and when they are wide open they allow a touch with the greenery. Public communications (stairways and corridors) have glass walls that provide a beautiful view of the inner courtyard.

All the windows without terraces are equipped with aluminum shutters (wood pattern) and the terraces are linked in places vertically with screens of the same material. They bring the rhythm, dynamics and plasticity of the facade and provide for the privacy, "warmness" and "softness" of the building. This is why the building is well-fitted with the surrounding despite its large size.

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guest, December 8th, 2014
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