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Terminal 1, shortly after the opening in 1962

Architectural competition for the new Belgrade Airport was organized in 1957, and won by a young team of what was soon to become a successful Belgrade architectural practice: Atelier LIK. The airport was open in 1962, and that same year its authors were awarded the 7th July Award - the highest recognition of the socialist republic of Serbia at the time - for this project.

The airport complex is a prime example of modernist architecture; its clean geometric form highlighted by memorable, butterfly-shaped hovering roof.

The airport was a popular spot at the time, visited not only by passengers on their way to and from Belgrade, but also by many who simply enjoyed the spectacle of planes. The design encouraged this: airport building had a central atrium with a tropical garden, a restaurant and a terrace open for public.

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sonjadragovic, April 26th, 2019
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