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Street Galery

Belgrade, Serbia
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Street Gallery was founded in April 2012 with the idea to turn the empty and neglected space in to a vibrant common space and to investigate new exhibiting practices, but moreover a new forms of socializing in public space.

Located in once neglected passageway in the city center and surrounded by numerous commercial facilities, its purpose surpasses gallery and cultural function. Its fundamental role is questioning possibilities of the existence of such spaces, and beyond - relationships that affect the development of the city. Since its foundation in April 2012 it have hosted more than 100 individual and group exhibitions, and more than 40 accompanying programs, bringing contemporary art closer to the citizens. The process of art relocation to the public space has brought a lot of visitors to the gallery, but most important it gave the opportunity to introduce wider audience to current topics that we felt responsible to talk about, together with artists who have proposed them. Hence, very often the exhibition program introduced stories about resettlement of Roma people, workers of bankrupt factories, life of homeless people and asylum seekers, solidarity, frustration of a modern man, but as well it included critical turns to contemporary society and various forms of political and economic power. Its greatest value is the clear commitment to provoke dialogue, offer space for sharing and creating different social relations.

The importance of gallery was recognized by international platform of seven European institutions, which proposed it for the award European Prize for Urban Public Space, in 2014. On that occasion, among many inspiring examples, the Street Gallery found its place and was presented at the exhibition in the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).

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bostjan, January 16th, 2018
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