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Expedition Inex Film

Belgrade, Serbia
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Expedition Inex Film was a do-it- yourself action of turning abandoned building in Belgrade suburb Karaburma into a space for work and cultural production and presentation for numerous groups and individuals. The project launched by young individuals and collectives (one of them was Ministry of Space), many of whom are artists, started in April 2011. Inex film was a public cinematographic company engaged in film production and distribution, as part of a former large Yugoslavian enterprise group - Inex Interexport. When the initiative was launched, the Inex Film building, which exceeds 1500 square meters, was abandoned and completely devastated, bearing no traces of its history. The Inex Film Expedition, as the initiative is called, explored the possibilities of self-organization, solidarity, and the "do it yourself" philosophy of the early 21st century. It gathered together individuals and organizations in need of a space for their creative work and cultural production, and who, despite their knowledge and willingness, generally have limited or no access to necessary resources. With the intent to conquer the much-needed working space, the Expedition members located the Inex Film building and started working on its revitalization. At first, the activities were focused on cleaning up and restoring the building itself and its surroundings, but shortly afterwards the space started to be used to host gatherings, discussions, exhibitions and art interventions. One of the clear objectives of the Expedition was to promote youth participation in social development. Since the building was occupied a series of events and spaces have been organized, among which are exhibitions, workshops, film festivals, numerous concerts and DJ performances, and it had urban garden, several studious, kindergarden, spaces to stay over and many more. The interest and involvement of the large number of people who gather around Inex Film, is the best proof of the importance it has for the community.

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bostjan, January 16th, 2018
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