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Sonja Jankov

Novi Sad, Serbia
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Sonja Jankov (1985) is part of Future Architecture Platform as independent historian and theoretician of contemporary art and cultural aspects of modern and contemporary architecture. She holds MA from Faculty of Political Sciences, Department for Cultural Theory and had spent a year at Faculty of Philosophy and Art at Karlova Universita in Prague. She used to volunteer and work at Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad (2012-2015), as gallery director at Institute for Culture of Vojvodina (2014) and as contributor to B92, section for culture, art and lifestyle. Her publications include over 50 critiques and reviews in journals, catalogues (artists: Igor Antic, MP_art, Goran Despotovski, project Differences, Nina Komel, DiStruktura, Korina Gubik, Mladen Vracaric, Srdan Duric, Dragan Vojvodic, Vuk Vuckovic, etc.) and essays. She also uses photography and multimedia art as means of interpretation and presentation of studied issues.

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Novi Sad, Serbia
bostjan, March 8th, 2017
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