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Belgrade, Serbia
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Camenzind is an architectural and urbanistic discussion and research platform based in Zurich and Belgrade. The aim is to achieve concrete changes of how the built environment is produced from within society. This happens out of the conviction that the architect should not solely focus on producing and reflecting the built environment.

The work aims at all inhabitants of the contemporary city, non-architects as well as architects, passive as well as active citizens. We form opinions together with people, building towards a sensitivity towards what their respective city could, and maybe also should be. We achieve this through producing magazine issues, staging discussions, organizing workshops and intervening in public space. All of our actions are based on research on the particular contexts that we work in, complemented by theoretical reflections as well as participation in discussions and exhibitions. In each context, we build up strong cooperations with local institutions such as cultural centers, universities as well as individuals which share our ideals.

From 2005 to 2018, 19 issues of the Camenzind magazine were released. In the magazine, architecture and urbanism were discussed and written about not only by architects but also by musicians, artists, physicists, civil engineers, art historians, philosophers, economists or just ordinary inhabitants and users of architecture. The Camenzind magazines positioned themselves between shiny interior magazines and professional architectural journals.

Camenzind was founded in 2005 and is constituted as a non-profit association in Zurich. In 2012,Camenzind and BHSF were awarded the Swiss Federal Art Award prize for communication of architecture, as well as a honorable mention at the Zumtobel Group Awards.

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bostjan, July 13th, 2018
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