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Spatial History of MoCAV

Novi Sad, Serbia
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Spatial history of MoCAV

The intervention maps all previous and unrealized locations of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, summing them in horizontally layered projection and making them accessible to visitors within the Museum's present location. The room in which it takes place was about to undergo some changes, being later separated between MoCAV and Museum of Vojvodina (history museum) with which it shares the building. As such, it represents a peculiar space for investigating real, planned and latent spaces for MoCAV, the total history of its migrations and claims to the city, which it shares with other institutions, centres and collectives for contemporary art, social practices and new media.

Through all traces of spatial history of MoCAV by Ivan Vitic being overlapped at once, the visitors gain insight into those periods when MoCAV had no exhibition space of its own (18 years) or had one within the Sports and Business Centre Vojvodina (15 years), as well as those unrealized proposals for MoCAV to be placed in existing or to-be-built complexes. The visitors get to know about them through created map and legend that lists potential spaces for MoCAV, those used for offices and temporary exhibition displays. The only exhibited object as such is the book of entered and awarded projects for the new building in 2006. All these previous spaces of MoCAV are inscribed into its current space and they gain capacity to be "over written" by setting for round table, workshop, exhibition or presentation on either the Museum itself or its content - contemporary art practices.

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bostjan, March 8th, 2017
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