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Expansion as the Second Layer of the City

Taipei, Taiwan
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1001 Expansions of Taipei | The project explores the "Expansion" phenomena in Taiwan, which consists of the extended space attached on an existing building as additional space and value for the owner. These informal structures are spread all over Taipei as a second layer of the city. In my project I explored the potential of this spontaneous way of creating new spaces which can be translated into design strategies as an alternative solution for the affordable living in the city.

Research on alternative forms of affordable housing in Taipei by re-interpreting its self build spaces. This project tries to reimagine the expansion phenomenon in Taipei as possibility for an alternative model of affordable housing at the current situations of a global housing inequality. This project questions conventions of the domestic, property ownership and the economic and political implications of the home. Own nothing, share everything.

It addresses the precarity of domestic space in the current climate and explores alternative models on ways of co-ownership by co-producing, co-caring and co-managing spaces, that can be used individually or collectively. The variety of spatial arrangements offered by these expansions in Taipei is to not be neglected from our profession lenses, thus it is relevant to celebrate this phenomena and learn from it and the imagination that these spaces offer.Based on specific case studies intentionally preselected in Taipei, it becomes clear that there is a possibility to subtract elements that we as designers can use to rethink new scenarios.

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bostjan, February 10th, 2019
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