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Manuel Ocana

Madrid, Spain
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Manuel Ocana Architecture and Thought Production Office has developed a wide range of projects from landscape design to heritage restoration. The office operates as a medium between technology, art and the cultural demands craved by sociocultural demands, through a creative interpretation of their intersection. Furthermore, it assumes the role of a Productive Agent which materializes contemporary thoughts and realities.

Manuel Ocana currently lectures at ETSAM, Madrid Technical School of Architecture, and directs an on-line Design Studio at the IE School of Architecture. He has participated in diverse international exhibitions and lectured worldwide. His ideas and built work have been awarded several prizes. His work has been widely published in highlighted media such as El Croquis, Bauwelt, Arquitectura Viva, Metalocus or A10 among others. Moreover, his projects have been compiled in a monograph (eXcepto 18) which features the office's motto: Architectural practice as contemporary thought production.

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Madrid, Spain
bostjan, July 16th, 2017
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