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Ocana De Espana

Toledo, Spain
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This collective housing project tries to be a tribute to the inner wishes of the current Spanish society. The project is an ultra-realistic performance about the real state market, in the shape of a 53 dwellings building developed in ground floor + 3 heights. The proposal is close as a replica of the hunging houses. The two first floors would be rock (constructed with the same techniques used in the theme parks Port Aventura and Terra Mitica), while the two last ones would be costumbrist houses laid on it, finished with a roof made of a canvas with a serigraphy of Arab tiles.

The first architectural decision appears with the configuration of the building as a 2+2 instead of a ground floor +3. Two orders, of two floors each, piled in horizontal. Five extent irregular shaped volumes lay on the inferior basement. All the houses are different one from each other. Butt the main architectural decision is about the common spaces of circulation. Those generous spaces are solved around wide open patios, with crooked and secret flowings. In the upper lever the extent configuration of the five volumes allow, besides of interesting micro-spaces for community use, spaces with diagonal and surprise views.

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bostjan, March 26th, 2017
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