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Marco Casagrande

Inkoo, Finland
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After being a finalist in the UK journal Architectural Review's Emerging Architecture competition (1999) Marco Casagrande and his then partner Sami Rintala were invited to the Venice Biennial 2000. The New York Times reporter chose their project "60 Minute Man" as his personal favorite in the Biennale. In the project Casagrande & Rintala had planted on oak forest in an abandoned barge on top of 60 minutes worth of composted human waste produced by the city of Venice. Casagrande's cross-over architectural work encompasses the realms of architecture, urban and environmental planning, environmental art, circuses and other artistic disciplines.

In search for subconscious architecture, real reality and connection between the modern man and nature. He believes that one shall not be blindfolded by stress, the surroundings of economics, the online access to entertainment or information. What is real is valuable.

Casagrande was nominated as the professor of ecological urban planning in the Taiwan based Tamkang University after the Treasure Hill project, in which Casagrande changed an illegal settlement of urban farmers into an experimental laboratory of environmental urbanism. The overhaul had mixed reactions from the community.

His theory of the Third Generation City views the post industrial urban condition as a machine ruined by human nature and architects as design shamans merely interpreting what the bigger nature of the shared mind is transmitting. The theory is developed in the independent multidisciplinary research centre Ruin Academy (2010-).

Casagrande Laboratory (established 2003, Finland) aka. C-Laboratory, C-LAB is an internationally oparating co-operative of architects, artists and scientists. C-Laboratory produces architecture and urban design, environmental art and runs design-build studios in various universities. C-LAB design work is often cross-disciplinary having elements from various disciplines of art and science.

Casagrande's works have been selected three times to the Venice Architecture Biennale; years 2000, 2004 and 2006.

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Inkoo, Finland
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