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Tekirdag, Turkey
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Bioplastic combined with different organic materials

Bioplarch is a research project that focuses on understanding the nature of starch based bio-composite materials as a potential architectural material. The aim of the project is to understand whether starch based bioplastic can be used as an architectural material both as a facade material and as an interior space furnishing and whether it can function better when blended with fibers.

Potato starch, glycerol, vinegar and water, as being the basic ingredients of hand-crafted bioplastics are blended with natural or synthetic fibers such as pellet (compressed agglomerates, canola, rice, sunflower, molasses stalk sunflower stalk), lignin, synthetic fibers, beewax, gum tragacanth, fly ash, coffee, wood fibers and different additives in order to improve moisture susceptibility and the strength of the material.

Bioplarch is a scientific research project currently under process and conducted by Esen Gokce Ozdamar with researchers Ahmet Bal (Construction Engineering), Sermin Senturk (Architecture student), supervised by Assoc. Prof. Murat Ates (Chemistry) in Namik Kemal University and supported by Research Fund of the Namik Kemal University. Project Number: NKUBAP.08.GA.16.050.

We would like to thank Macide Ozdamar for her support and contribution to the project.

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bostjan, September 9th, 2016
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