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Sensorial Space Protoype

Ahmedabad, India
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Sensorial Space Prototype is part of my Final Thesis Project called "Ashram of the five senses. I can't see you. I can't hear you. But I can understand you. Rehabilitation and expansion project of Deaf-Mute School." submitted during this last year and carried out between Spain and India.

Sensorial Space Prototype is a strategy based in architectural devices to feel the space through your senses in multiple places. this project took a real school, as a case study: the Deaf-Mute School, a unique center in the whole city that welcomes children with diverse abilities (blind and deaf-mute) from kindergarten to pre-university. The "reality" component was essential for all of the project's phases.

Sensorial Space Prototype understands future architecture from our senses, the relationships concerning our body and space as a way of of interpreting the complexity of our context; the cultural, economic and social context that rejects people with other types of abilities and not only disabled people.

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eagudosierra, February 14th, 2018
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