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Doctor Chonelis Elkesas Private Clinic

Kaunas, Lithuania
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The building on Kestucio 8 is one of the earliest examples of modernism, which is close to the aesthetics of functionalism, in Kaunas. It was built in 1930. The owner Doctor Chonelis Elkesas was the head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Jewish Hospital.

The primary purpose of the house was various, which included both private apartments and a medical institution. There were two five-roomed apartments on the first and third floors, which were for renting out. The famous pedagogue Marija Varniene was operating a kindergarten on the third floor, using the Montessori method for the first time in Lithuania. Furthermore, the Finnish consulate resided on the third floor of the building between 1936-1944. The first floor was dedicated to the Hungarian Honorary Consulate. The second floor was used entirely by the owner for his practice. The flat had both reception and operation rooms.

The plan of the building is based on a corridor system, where all rooms are open to corridors. However, this system makes the building convenient for a hospital. The exterior is created by rectangular volumes and forms. It has a simple spatial organisation with rhythmic divisions. According to the original colour scheme, the used colours highlight the horizontal division. Furthermore, the continuous windowsills straighten this effect as well.

The main entrance is located at the central axis, which is emphasised by the ornamented plates. Furthermore, there are threads made of plaster next to the door. At the western axis of the building, there is a passageway to the backyard, which has a metal door with art deco sunburst motifs. Furthermore, at the back facade, there are curved bay windows, which are at the central axis.

After the nationalisation, the building was used as a tuberculosis dispensary.

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