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Curating Heritage in Future

Trogir, Croatia
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Future brings new approaches to past and processes of documentation, archiving and representation. This is of special importance to modernist heritage which is at many points devastated due to unresolved ownership issues (after non-transparent privatization of what once was 'societal property'). The new curatorial concept includes visual and spatial reconstruction of select objects within large exhibition spaces, in form of installation. These installations are further used to include within them exhibitions related to urban planning and architecture. They can be also placed in open public spaces, such as squares.

The images represent an installation that reproduces a segment of Ivan Vitic's motel in Trogir. It was produced within "Motel Trogir: Alice doesn't Live Here Anymore" collaborative project of BJCEM and Loose Associations (Slobodne veze), contemporary art practices.

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bostjan, October 22nd, 2016
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