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Children Institute in Igalo

Igalo, Montenegro
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Dobrovic questioned the organization of the modern city of Herceg Novi when health tourism started to develop in Igalo in the middle of the 20th century. Dr. Svetozar Zivojnovic was responsible for establishment the programs of further construction and organization of the settlement of Igalo, from the medical and urban-architectural aspect, predicting that Igalo will develop into a health center of international character. The sudden development has created the conditions for thinking about the development of a regulatory urban plan for narrower and broader areas. Zivojnovic involved Dobrovic, who have been in a relationship with the family and friends since childhood, to become the main architect for the plan.

Dobrovic produced the second phase of the Institute's development with 520 beds, based on the program study for further development made by Dr. Zivojnovic in 1959. During the preparation of the program and project of the facility of the II phase of the Institute in 1982, this proposal by Dr. Zivojnovic was neglected and a new facility of the Institute was built based on a different program concept.

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bostjan, April 13th, 2017
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