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County Municipality

Kaunas, Lithuania
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G. Orzikausko nuotrauka. Saltinis:

This is one of the largest buildings of this function built during the period of Independence in Lithuania. The building was designed in 1932 by Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis, a famous architect of that time. The construction of the building was completed in 1933. It housed the Kaunas County Board, the office of the Kaunas City and County Chief, the Kaunas City and County Police Commander, and the Department of State Security. The building has an angular, L-shaped plan. The rooms inside are arranged on both sides of wide corridors. Archives, couriers' apartments, boiler rooms and other rooms were placed in the basement. A two-story garage with apartments for drivers and a printing press was built in the yard.

The exterior of the monumental-sized, four-story building is created by strict geometric shapes. The rhythm of narrow vertical windows and pilasters (somewhat reminiscent of classical architecture), a massive cornice, minimalist looking facades divided into rectangular volumes and several terraces above the third floor, clearly symbolized the influence of the new, modernist-inspired architecture in a building of this purpose. The functional aspect that determined the exterior was also strongly expressed in the object. For example, the facade, adapting to the light requirements of various rooms, is divided by many small windows.

At that time, the building stood out not only for its size, but also for its exterior decoration. The facades are plastered with artificial granite, the portals are made of black polished Labrador, the plinth and stairs are made of natural granite stone. This was probably determined by the desire to create an impression of solidity and representativeness in the exterior of the building. After construction, the building became a representative object in the city. Built when Kaunas County celebrated its 15th anniversary, this building became a symbol of its pride and progress. Kaunas County Police Headquarters currently operates in the building.

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