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Cinema “Pasaka”

Kaunas, Lithuania
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kino teatras pasaka ikonele

This is another cinema built in this part of the city in the interwar period. The building was designed in 1938-1939, and was completed and opened in the spring of 1940, a few months before the end of Lithuania's independence. The cinema is designed with an elongated narrow plan, the long part of which is in the depth of the plot. It was equipped with a 520-seat hall (10 by 30 meters in size) with a parterre, and a balcony, as well as modern cinema equipment of that time. The architecture of the building is expressive and modern, typical of a building of such function at the time and has Art Deco features. The main facade is distinguished by the main entrance with wide, double doors and profiled edges. A canopy-shaped balcony covers the entrance. From an aesthetic point of view, the part of the second floor stands out, whose stepped terraced volume consists of vertical windows and decorative, vertical edges. Vertical exterior accents were a characteristic feature of cinema buildings at the time, so this building stood out from the surrounding buildings with a modern and expressive architecture that attracted people to visit it.

The building has been reconstructed several times and is no longer used according to its original function. Also, the structure of the interior spaces has been changed fundamentally. Now a leisure club operates in the former cinema building.

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