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Chamber of Agriculture Building

Kaunas, Lithuania
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L. Mykolaicio nuotrauka, 2018 m.

In 1929 after allocating a plot of land at the intersection of K. Donelaicio and Parodos streets, Karolis Reisonas, a well-known interwar architect, was appointed to design the building of the Chamber of Agriculture. Before that, he already contributed to the development of Lithuanian agriculture by publishing a textbook on the design of agricultural objects for farmers and farms. In 1930 brothers D. and G. Ilgovskiai, the construction contractors, were officially appointed in the competition and the architect K. Reisonas took up the position of the construction manager of the building. Although the facade of the building had not yet been completed in 1931, the offices of the Chamber of Agriculture and their subdivisions had already moved into the new premises. The end of construction work was marked in November of the same year.

An important detail that forms a typical and harmonious composition became the adjacent residential house with a rounded corner. Both gracefully fitted the foot of the Parodos (Exhibition) Hill. The building of the Chamber of Agriculture was enlivened at the edge of the building facing the hill, which is also curved and accompanied by an imitation of the "stepped facade". Thus both buildings became the urban gateway to Parodos Hill. Lithuanian agricultural and industrial exhibitions were organized here. The main facade of the Chamber of Agriculture faces K. Donelaicio Street; it is diversified by a small balcony hanging above the main entrance. It is recessed, sinking the entire ensemble of the main stairs. The purpose of the building is emphasized by easily recognizable and associated decorative details - grain bells, which "grow" vertically to the third floor of the building.

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