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Building of the Polish Credit Society

Kaunas, Lithuania
K. Donelaicio g. 76-FOMA-2 Large.jpeg
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By Monika Pociūtė, 2023.

During the period of independence, several banking buildings were built in Kaunas. In 1932, the Polish Credit Society began to build one of such buildings on K. Donelaicio Street. The two-story building was designed by Edmundas Alfonsas Frykas. Although the building was built in the early 1930s, when more modernist and functionalist stylistic trends were already spreading to Lithuanian architecture, its artistic expression reflects the stylistics of pure historicism (neo-baroque and neoclassicism). The symmetrical facade of the building is emphasized by an ornate Avant-corps with four columns on the sides and an ornate portal in the center. Decorativeness prevails in the side parts of the building - there are pilasters, arched windows, profiled cornice. The upper part of the building is emphasized by a high parapet with volutes. Therefore, this building reflects the eclecticism of the architecture of Kaunas at that time, when conservative looking buildings were designed and built along with buildings of a rationalist and modernist appearance.

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