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Bratislava, Slovakia
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2021 has been established in 2012. In the beginnings, it consisted of Peter Lenyi, Ondrej Marko, Marian Lucky and Marek Harcarik, all of them graduates of the Faculty of architecture in Bratislava. Currently, eight people work in the studio. 2021 cooperates mainly with municipalities and public institutions on projects in public spaces. Their approach is twofold: they take part in architectural competitions announced by public investors and organize the competitions and advocate them, too. The latter is a bit pioneering work, as in Slovakia the high-quality architectural competitions are still very rare.

In five years, 2021 took part in around 30 competitions and won five of them. Recently they got the first prize in the competition on the biggest square in 80 thousand city of Zilina, as well as in the competition on public space between two schools in 8 thousand city of Cerveny kostelec in Czech republic. As organizers, they co-initiated and co-organized the competition on the new city hall in Leopoldov - the biggest competition on a public building since the establishment of Slovak Republic in 1993. It has been recognized as an exemplary model of how the municipality should deal with the public investments and the mayor of Leopoldov together with her predecessor were awarded a CEZAAR special award - Patron of architecture by Slovak chamber of architects. Until now, 2021 helped organize five competitions.

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Bratislava, Slovakia
bostjan, July 18th, 2017
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