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Beijing, Chile
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Han Wenqiang

Arch Studio devotes to using multi-perspective and rational means to intervene the development of contemporary urban living environment, finding a right balance between the connections of reality and nature, history and culture, creating a spatial environment that is full of the spirit of times and humanistic quality. In this complex and multivariate era, new creation is not from a sudden inspiration, but from careful study of the unique needs and restrictions of each project, from uninterrupted breakthroughs and challenges to the restriction boarder, from continuous improvements in the whole process from concept to construction details, from skillful transformation between exterior and interior, new and old, artificial and natural, to make space as the communication medium between people and people, people and the environment, and create a new livable dwelling.

It was founded by Han Wenqiang. He received a Master's degree from School of Architecture of CAFA (China Central Academy of Fine Arts), and he has been teaching there since graduation. Combining with his teaching and researches, he has explored varied creations and practices. His major works include Beijing Siheyuan Renovations, Rongbaozhai stores, culture and art exhibition spaces etc.

Arch Studio has been featured as 2015 One of the Best Ten International "Design Vanguard" by American renowned magazine "Architectural Record", also has awarded as 2015 "AD100 China's Most Influential Architecture and Design Elites" and "Top 10 Young Designers in 2015" by gooood. Arch Studio's works have won many awards, for example 2015 "37th Annual Interior Awards" Restaurant Award and Exhibition Award of American "Contract" magazine; 2015 "Best of Year Awards" of American "Interior Design" Magazine; 2015 "Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards" Leisure & Entertainment Space Gold Award, Food Space Gold Award and Living Space Silver Award; 2015 CIDA Interior Design of China Residential Award; 2015 "JINTANG PRIZE" Exhibition Space Design of the Year, Leisure & Entertainment Space Design of the Year; 2015 "Modern Decoration International Media Award" Annual Commercial Space Award, etc. Arch Studio's works have also participated in many exhibitions, including 2015 Kwangju Art Biennial in Korea, 2015 "An Exhibition of 100 Architects for the 10th Anniversary of UED" and so on.

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Beijing, Chile
bostjan, January 12th, 2018
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