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Atelier Andre Bloc

Meudon, France
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This house for guardians of a property near Paris, has been particularly interesting studies regarding the siting, design and overall volume of domestic distribution.The first problem was to have this Annex according to the main house located at the lowest point of the ground and enjoying the best views of the lawns and wooded hill, it was to avoid vis-a-vis to safeguard the privacy of the two houses. Required a mandatory requirement, secondly, to provide the new construction at the northeast corner of the field to enable effective monitoring of both inputs and garage.The solution addresses these various considerations. The new home based, in part, on stilts, grouping upstairs living rooms and reserving floor, a spacious sheltered extension of the sculptor's studio. The rooms have a view of the main entrance, stay on the side entrance. However, at any time, there is a direct view of a house on the other.

Volume, to a certain extent dictated by functional requirements, is designed in the same spirit as that of the big house. A plastic repondance lies in the freedom of the plan and forms the facade blind curves, rising all the way up curbside and wall rubble, along which develops the staircase to the floor. This staircase without cons-steps leads to a small entrance hall leading room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Stay oriented to the west and is connected to the cover of the garage treated lawn with a terrace spanning the space, which was placed in front of a window.The interior is based on the freedom of the plan. The volume of the room, which is integrated kitchen, grows towards the open wall protected by transparent and translucent glass panels to metal joinery, the two doors open to the terrace. The rooms are equipped with storage volumes required.Simple materials were used: concrete, stones, glass, metal. Uniform ground black stoneware. Construction was particularly economic.