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VINCI Group Regional Headquarters, Rennes

Rennes, France
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Perspective view from the railway station, Rennes © Parc architectes - Artelabfactory

VINCI Group regional headquarters, Rennes - Parc architectes

Project: VINCI Group Regional Headquarters - Program: Offices - Business premises - Architect: Parc architectes - Client: VINCI Group - Site: Boulevard Solferino, 3500 Rennes - Surface area: 7,000 m2 SDP - Winner 2021 - In study phase

Air on every floor

With the current health crisis, lockdowns and home-working, air has become a central issue. How can we rethink the workplace through the prism of well-being and fresh air? Forms of the workplace have evolved and diversified, and a pleasant work environment is a way to collaborate effectively, to bring together teams and to retain employees. Parc architectes presents an evolution in the design habits of office spaces; introducing more domesticity. With this approach, the agency promotes a healthy and stimulating working environment for the VINCI Group teams.

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parcarchitectes, September 27th, 2021
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